Wellness Offerings

Transform Your Space for a Healthier Lifestyle.

A living room washed in orange lights.


Shine a Light On Wellness With Smart Lighting.

Discover lighting solutions that blend Ketra’s brilliance with Lutron’s shading for well-being. Effortlessly illuminate spaces, sync shades with your rhythm. Our designs match your internal clock, creating wellness-focused spaces with comfort, serenity, and natural light.

  • Optimize well-being through appropriate light exposure and occupant lighting control.
  • Achieve visual harmony with lighting designs that consider circadian rhythms, glare control, and visual balance.
  • Enhance electric light quality and simulate natural daylight for a holistic lighting experience.
Three lounge chairs sit by the edge of a pool in a room with plants.


Embrace Nature. Elevate Spaces.

Drawing inspiration from the concept of biophilia, our designs bring natural elements indoors, creating the ultimate therapeutic environment. Through nature-related digital art, “windows” on the wall, circadian lighting, naturalistic audio, and even anti-gravity chairs, we immerse you in a sensory experience that promotes relaxation and connection with nature. By incorporating these elements, we strive to create spaces that rejuvenate and inspire, fostering a sense of harmony between you and your surroundings.

A beige room with pillars and a textured ceiling.


Enveloped in Exceptional Acoustics.

Amidst modern noise, tranquility is vital. Recognizing noise pollution’s impact, ranked second after air pollution, our solutions create a sanctuary with acoustic panels and soundproofing. Distributed audio weaves soothing tunes, guided by smart automation. With us, your well-being is our guiding note, composing an oasis.

  • Effective sound barriers, specially designed surfaces, and managed reverberation time ensure optimal acoustics.
  • High-fidelity audio devices bring exceptional sound quality to your spaces.
  • Immerse yourself in nature-inspired soundscapes that enhance well-being.
Purified air wafts up towards the ceiling inside a two story house.

Air purification

Safeguard Indoor Air Quality.

Experience air purification innovation by Global Wave Integration. Our smart system combines sensors, filters, and software for indoor environment control. We prioritize indoor air’s impact on your well-being, going beyond norms. Imagine insights into particulates, humidity, ventilation, and pollutants, empowering healthier living. Left unchecked, these factors lead to health issues. Your well-being is key, and our holistic solution ensures a healthier home.

A clear glass of water sits on a counter top next to a silver faucet.

WATER purification

Purified Water From Source to Sip.

Explore Global Wave Integration’s smart water purification system, targeting “forever” chemicals like lead, arsenic, and PFAS. Using Ophora‘s whole home system, our integrated water solution filters out all sub-micron level pollutants and offers advanced features such as UV light sanitation and non-brine water softening. Our water solution also offers leak detection and comprehensive monitoring. Considering homes lose around 10,000 gallons annually due to leaks, this approach is crucial. Choose our advanced water solutions and ensure superior water quality, conservation, and a healthier home.

A man stands mid swing in front of a golf simulator screen.


Immersive Spaces for Fitness and Wellness Activities.

Embark on a journey of well-being with Global Wave Integration’s expertise in crafting immersive activity spaces within your home. Imagine experiencing the world’s most serene golf courses through cutting-edge golf simulators, or elevating your fitness routine in a dedicated gym tailored to your preferences. Envision spa-like tranquility right at your doorstep, where relaxation knows no bounds. Our holistic approach brings wellness activities to your home, seamlessly integrating golf, fitness, spa, and more. Let us transform your living space into a sanctuary that embraces your wellness aspirations, ensuring every moment nurtures your physical and mental health.

Connect to Convenience

Our innovative solutions seamlessly integrate technology into your home, offering a new level of convenience, comfort, and control. Experience the ultimate in smart home living and revolutionize your home today.