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Hillsboro Beach, Florida

Southeast coastline

Out of all projects, Global Wave Integration’s Hillsboro Property project won five awards at the 2021 CEDIA Awards. This expansive luxury estate, nestled between the ocean and an intercostal highway, was seamlessly transformed into a world-class resort-style home. With a comprehensive Crestron experience, intuitive controls, and deep functionality, the homeowners enjoyed a luxurious ambiance. Integration challenges were successfully overcome, such as blending displays into wood-paneled walls. The project impressed judges, winning multiple categories, including CEDIA’s 2021 Global Best Integrated Home, thanks to meticulous attention to detail, technical expertise, and exceeding client expectations.

Los Angeles, California

West CoasT

Global Wave Integration’s Melhill Property project seamlessly integrated luxury living with cutting-edge technology. Challenges included discreetly hiding the projector, which was achieved with a 16ft drop-down screen. Custom speakers were installed on the beams for optimal placement of the ceiling Atmos speakers. The project also involved finding space within custom cabinetry for equipment storage, with vintage audio integration on the front cabinet. Outdoor pool audio was incorporated, creating a captivating ambiance with high-quality speakers strategically placed for immersive sound. Despite high ceilings, a successful DCI theater installation was achieved, thanks to a drop-down lift that allowed easy loading of DCP content. This project exemplifies the team’s expertise in delivering a remarkable theater experience and exceptional outdoor entertainment.

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