Kyle Steele, president of Global Wave Integration, speaks at the Total Tech Summit event in Las Vegas.

Total Tech Summit 2023: A Spotlight on Global Wave Integration

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that Kyle Steele, President of Global Wave Integration (GWI), is set to feature as a speaker at the prestigious Total Tech Summit on November 14th, 2023. The vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada, will host this event, providing a platform for the brightest minds and standout companies from the nation’s expansive and forward-thinking integration industry.

An Unprecedented Networking Opportunity

The Total Tech Summit assembles over 300 business leaders from leading integration companies across the US. What’s more, this distinctive platform cultivates high-caliber networking and equips companies with the possibilities for growth, exploration of adjacent spaces, and the formation of significant relationships.

A Decade of Excellence: The GWI Story

Kyle Steele plans to provide insights from our trailblazing journey as a technology integration firm. He will highlight the high-quality services delivered by GWI to high net worth clients in LA and globally. Even more, he will discuss our dedication to merging exceptional design with innovative, imagination-driven technologies.

The Future of Tech: Introducing FutureCare

At the Total Tech Summit, attendees share their visions for the future, with Kyle Steele being no exception. He plans to spotlight GWI’s thrilling future initiatives, particularly the launch of our new sister company, FutureCare. This launch underlines our commitment to crafting pioneering, long-lasting solutions that improve everyday lives.

Lastly, we extend an invitation to all our clients and those intrigued by the latest tech integration solutions. We hope you accompany us at the Total Tech Summit. After all, this event promises to offer a glimpse into the exciting future unfolding for the entire technology integration industry.

Because the Total Tech Summit opens up an exclusive chance to engage with industry leaders and uncover the future of tech, we eagerly anticipate exchanging our insights and listening to your thoughts. Together, let’s sculpt the future of technology integration.

Again, don’t forget to circle November 14th, 2023, on your calendars. We’re eager to meet you at the Total Tech Summit in Las Vegas, NV!

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