Energy Automation

Clean Power Solutions for Sustainable Living.

Clean Power Is the Future

At Global Wave Integration, our advanced energy management systems are designed to optimize energy usage, enhance efficiency, and harness the power of renewable sources, ultimately leading to a greener and more sustainable future. Discover how our innovative technologies and tailored energy solutions can transform your home into an energy-efficient sanctuary while contributing to a cleaner planet. 

A hand holds a lit candle stick up to an open electrical box. Explore the benefits of smart energy management solutions for safe and efficient power management.

Lights out: California Power Problems Are About To Get Worse

More blackouts could be on the horizon in California.

Approach to energy management

what's your power plan?

Protect your home from harmful powerful surges, spikes, and outages.

Clean power 24/7

RoseWater Energy Hub

At the core of our advanced solutions are RoseWater Energy’s Hubs, masterfully integrating 24/7 large-scale power conditioning, solar capabilities, zero transfer time UPS, and an impressive 28.8 KW of battery storage. This state-of-the-art integration sets a new standard in the industry, delivering unrivaled power reliability and efficiency for your home.

A RoseWater Energy Hub. Harness the power of smart energy management solutions for efficient and reliable energy usage.

Select the most critical items in your home to protect.

Items that pose only minor inconveniences if temporarily disrupted during a power outage, such as pool equipment, most outlets, and outdoor lighting, do not require backup power.

Prioritize the efficient operation of motor-driven devices, such as HVAC systems and appliances. Utilize a generator to power these essential devices, ensuring uninterrupted functionality even during power outages.

Systems heavily reliant on microprocessors are highly susceptible to voltage sags and surges. Protect critical functions, such as networks, security, lighting, luxury appliances, and more.

Approach to energy management

EMF Shielding

Our EMF shielding solutions are thoughtfully engineered to reduce electromagnetic field emissions and optimize energy management.

Colorful wires stick out of two circles cut into a gray wall, showcasing the integration of smart energy management solutions.

EMF Shielding

Our electrical systems feature rigorous Electromagnetic Field (EMF) shielding measures, including shielding enclosures, twisted pair wiring, and grounding techniques, which reduce electromagnetic emissions and foster a healthier environment. Our comprehensive approach ensures peak performance and reliability, allowing you to enjoy technology without compromising your health.

Approach to energy management

low voltage

Optimize technology integration and enhance the efficiency and functionality of your home or business systems.

Two men in blue shirts work with a variety of gray, yellow, and blue wires on a rack, showcasing their expertise in smart energy management solutions.

Low Voltage

Experience the benefits of the latest technology for your business or home. ECSI System Integrators is our in-house, full service communications contractor specializing in engineering, integration, and support for low voltage systems.

A table covered in floor plan drawings and a multimeter, illustrating the meticulous planning and implementation of smart energy management solutions.

What we have for you

Low Voltage Services

At Global Wave Integration, we are dedicated to providing secure and dependable renewable energy solutions. Our broad range of solar energy services includes assessment, design, estimation, procurement, installation, permit acquisition, and maintenance review. You can count on us to deliver trustworthy and efficient solar energy solutions.

Services we offer

Low voltage

Audio- Visual

No more confusing tech. Our commercial audio-visual installation encourages productivity with easy-to-use features and intuitive operating systems

Security Systems

ECSI offers commercial security and locksmith services to protect your business from the inside out.

Services & Maintenance

Our team of highly-trained low voltage electricians is always on hand to address your system issues and get you back in business.

health care Tech

Supporting your lifesaving work: our systems designers understand the specialty needs of healthcare facilities and work with you to assure the most reliable solution.

Security Systems

Keep an eye on what matters with our customized video surveillance installation services.

Cabling & WiFi Solutions

Our specialized staff are among the finest in the industry when it comes to fiber-optic cabling and WiFi solutions.

Fire alarm monitoring

We’re always on alert: ECSI offers state-of-the-art fire alarm system installation and service and life safety system integration for commercial applications.

Connect to Convenience

Our innovative solutions seamlessly integrate technology into your home, offering a new level of convenience, comfort, and control. Experience the ultimate in smart home living and revolutionize your home today.