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Exploring GWI's Holistic Approach

Discover how GWI integrates wellness principles to enhance employee well-being and sustainability.

LA Design Magazine Cover: Global Wave Integration's Integration of Innovative Solutions and Technology for Enhanced Employee Well-being and Sustainability
EPro magazine's cover features Global Wave Integration's president exuding elegance in a light blue shirt, black business pants, leaning against a hand-crafted wooden island in a blue-cabinet kitchen, with chandelier-style lights and a logo-adorned touch screen.

CE Pro Home of the Year, October 2021

Making Waves

 Making Waves: Unique team tactics, emerging-tech adoption help fuel successful catering to VIP clientele.

Concept Conversations

Artificial Lighting and Its Effect on Creativity

Lighting plays a pivotal role in shaping our environments, impacting our moods, productivity levels, and even our creativity. From the warm glow of incandescent bulbs to the cool brightness of LED lights, each type of artificial lighting has its own unique effects on our cognitive functions and emotional state. By exploring the intricate relationship between lighting and creativity, the following Concept Conversations article sheds light on how the right lighting choices can optimize our living and working spaces, fostering an atmosphere conducive to enhanced imagination, inspiration, and overall well-being.

Cover of an article on artificial lighting.

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A sleek two-story white house features expansive glass windows and a balcony with glass railing, seamlessly connecting the open-concept expanse. A clear blue pool dominates the left side of the backyard, while lush green grass graces the right.

California Home With Wellness Focus Set to List for Nearly $24 Million

The Global Wave Showroom radiates in tranquil purple light, featuring a mesmerizing galaxy view on its theater screen, accompanied by opulent chairs and a carefully crafted wooden island adorned with delicious cuisine and wine.

Transforming a California Based Luxury Home Showroom

A light wood kitchen with cabinets, countertops, and walls hosts a dining room display on a wall-mounted screen, complemented by a lit shelf of wine glasses and cookbooks, while a raised shade screen reveals the backyard.

Sunshine, Sophistication & Security

A basement with various sources of entertainment.

Global Wave Integration Helps Tech Tsunami Flow Smoothly Across California Estate

Smart Bathrooms Offer Integrators Wealth of Wellness Opportunities

Cedie 2019: Awarding and recognizing our partners

Josh A.I.

Kyle Steele is the founder of Global Wave Integration, a leading integration company based in Los Angeles. In addition to helping integrate our Los Angeles office and CEO Alex’s personal home, Kyle has always been a tireless advocate of Josh. He has introduced Josh to some of the top clients in Los Angeles, and is working on a massive Florida project that, when completed, will be the biggest Josh job to date. We’re thrilled to honor Kyle with the 2019 Advocate Award!

A group of men stand together posed for a picture.

Award Winning Technology

Collaborating with our clients and their respective teams to design tailored, intelligent spaces that realize their vision is where we excel. 








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